Farallon 2800c

The Farallon systems are designed with Spectra’s unique Pearson Pump technology for unrivaled reliability, energy efficiency and durability.

The Spectra Connect allows you to operate and monitor your watermaker from a remote device, and has new added features like the Fill Tank mode, or a customizable Auto Run mode, One-Touch Sensor alibration, and suggested maintenance intervals displayed on the dashboard. The slow moving pumps mean low maintenance intervals, for longer, quieter, trouble free operation. The Farallon’s variable frequency drive motor controller ensures soft starts with no massive inrush current to crash your generator at startup. Powered by 110v or 220v AC, these systems bring municipal scale desalination plant features to your fingertips.

  • Completely automated with the Spectra Connect Controller
  • Semi-modular design to allow flexible installations
  • Pearson Pump technology standard
  • Multiple run speeds for optimum system operation
  • Highest output system rated for inverter operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Industrial grade motor and components
  • Slow moving high pressure pump gives long service life
  • Industrial grade components
  • System includes a complete installation ki