The Z-ION Membrane Protection System floods your watermaker with silver ions which eliminate bacteria and microbes.

This biological growth clogs filters, fouls membranes, and forms hydrogen sulfide (the rotten egg smell), which turns your filters black. The Z-ION goes into action automatically during the fresh water flush cycle, disinfecting your entire system for up to 30 days.

Completely Automatic

The Z-ION disinfects your machine during the fresh water flush cycle of your watermaker.

Low Power Draw

It operates on 12v or 24v and draws only 15 watts during the fresh water flush cycle.

Eliminates Pickling

The updated MPC 5000 software is programmable for flushing every 30 days, eliminating the need for pickling.

Retrofittable to Any Spectra System

The Z-ION simply replaces the carbon filter housing of your system to eliminate bacterial growth when your watermaker is idle.